Thursday, January 23, 2020

Water Heater Grand Prairie TX
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How To Install Water Heater ?
Installing a Gas Water Heater
1- Switch off all valves and drain the water from the old water heater.
2- Place the new heater and align it with the pipes on top of the plates.
3- Add a new valve for temperature and relief pressure.
4- Solder new copper adapters on top of the heater to allow water intake.
5- Bring the water lines up to the heater rim.
6- Reattach the vent shaft on top of the heater over the draft hood.
7- The gas line is reconnected to the gas valve.
8- Fill the new tank with water by turning on a faucet and checking it for leaks.
9- Light the pilot light as directed by the heater and set it to 120 ° F (49 ° C).

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Water Heater Grand Prairie TX

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